Why does this blogging thing work so well for other businesses but not for yours? 

You’re not alone.

Have you dabbled in blogging for your business but often felt uninspired, unmotivated or straight out confused at the process?

Perhaps you were frustrated with the lack of results and so you threw in the towel and added business blogging to the too-hard-basket?

I’ve been there and now I teach mums in business just like you how to overcome the blogging overwhelm.

What if I told you, you could improve your blogging technique and turn your readers into potential paying customers/clients with my free self-paced mini course completed on your own time and at your own pace!

Each day over the 5-day period you’ll receive a short and succinct email that will teach you how to:

  • Ndefine exactly who you’re writing for and what they want to read about;
  • Nplan, draft and write captivating blog posts your audience will love;
  • Ncreate quality blog content your readers will want to share;
  • Nremain consistent in your blogging habits to reap the rewards + more.

The object of this mini course is to teach you quickly how to leverage blogging to benefit your business and never have to hear yourself say “I don’t know what to write about” ever again.


SHORT Lessons

Bite-sized, value-packed lessons delivered direct to your email inbox 


Action Steps

Brief tasks you can generally complete in 30 minutes or less*

Free Resources

Templates, cheatsheets and more to help with your blogging efforts 

Facebook Group

Share your journey with others completing the mini course right alongside you

Full Support

I’ll be available the entire 5 days and beyond for any help you may need

If you want a crystal clear vision on how to make the most of your blogging efforts, register now for my Free 5 Days to Better Bussiness Blogging Mini Course so you’re ready for the start date!

Your blog can flourish too without the heartbreak of wasted efforts.  

You’ve got this!

Day 1: Defining

Learn exactly who you’re writing for and how to pinpoint the things they want to read about in your blog

Day 2: Creating

Getting into the nitty-gritty of creating quality content your audience will love to read and share

Day 3: Promoting

Using social media as a fun way to interact with your readers and get your content out there

Day 4: Monetising

Discover different ways to monetise your content and your interactions with your readers


Find out how to create strong writing habits and structure a process that works well for you

Never feel uninspired or unmotivated again because you don’t have a solid plan of action.

You need this!

You probably have some questions …

How do I register to complete the mini course?
Simples! Just add your name and email address to a subscription box above or below and you’re on your way. The next steps will land in your inbox soon after. 

What do I need to complete the mini course?
I’d recommend completing the mini course from a computer or laptop as you’re going to need access to your blog. You also might find a pen and notebook handy for taking notes along the way.

Do I have to do the mini course during the set time?
You don’t have to complete the mini course from the start date – this is just when the first email will be sent. If you do start then, you’ll have some amazing support from others in the Facebook group doing the mini course alongside you. You’re free to complete mini course at your own pace.

How long will each lesson take to complete?

*Some days may be a little more involved but on average, you’ll be able to read the entire email lesson and complete the tasks in as little as 30 minutes each day.

Will I have to share my writing in the Facebook group?
This is not a requirement but if you’d like to show off your newly learned skills, go for it!

Do I need to have a business blog before doing this mini course?

This mini course is created on the assumption that you already have a business blog set up. If you don’t, you can still participate as you’ll gain invaluable insights for when you’re ready to start your businss blog.

Do you do one-to-one training on how to write blog posts?
I certainly do. In fact, it’s one of my favourite services! You can learn more about my Blog Consulting Sessions here.

What if I have further questions?

I’d love to connect with you and answer your burning questions about the 5 Days to Better Business Blogging Mini Course. You can email me directly and I’ll respond within 48 business hours.

It’s time to learn the skills you need to become a brilliant business blogger.

You’re ready to go!










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