You already know content is the key to growing your business, but what do you do when you feel like you’ve run out of ideas?

I know only too well how complicated it can be to come up with new content for your business time and time again.

It doesn’t have to be that hard!

The trick is to know where to look for those potential content ideas and I can assure you, there are plenty of places to find inspiration. Here’s eight to get you started so you never find yourself staring at a blank content calendar again.

Fresh and engaging content is crucial to keeping your existing followers interested and attracting new followers to your accounts.

1. Your Audience

The “horses mouth”, so to speak. Your audience itself is the perfect resource when it comes to finding fresh content. Reach out to them in person or via your social media channels or email marketing list and ask them any questions directly, then turn their concerns into new content.

2. Your Competition

No, it’s not cheating. Keeping an eye on your competitors’ actions is an ideal way to find new content ideas. See what they’re doing and then do it way better than they are. (They’re probably watching you too! 👀)

3. Your Industry

Knowing what’s happening in your industry is not only important for your business, it’s a perfect way to come up content that is relevant to your target audience. Stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends by subscribing to industry-related blogs and social media accounts, and see how you can apply the information they are sharing to your content.

4. Your Socials

Are you listening to what your followers are saying on your social media accounts? If you find you’re being asked the same questions repeatedly, turn that into content. Also, are your followers tagging your business in their own content? That’s User Generated Content (UGC) and can generally be reshared on your own accounts — with permission, of course.

5. Your Website or Blog

If you have a website, you’re already sitting on a gold mine. Every single product or service you offer can be turned into content. Got a blog? You can turn one single blog post into around at least 8 different pieces of content (I can help with this)! Don’t forget to check your blog comments for content ideas too.

6. Your Biz Buddies

Your biz buddies are an excellent resource for new content ideas. Set up a brainstorming session with them to see what you all come up with. They might have some great ideas you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of alone — and vice versa! Don’t have a biz buddy yet? Hit me up!

7. Your Analytics & Insights

Your website analytics and social media insights can give you an intimate understanding of the people you’re reaching. Use this data to create with new content ideas that will appeal to them.

8. Your Existing Content

Go back and check the content you’ve already created for your social media, blog, podcast or video channel. Is there anything in there you can repurpose or expand to use as new content? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

✨ Bonus Places

Don’t forget to also check Google Business Profile, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups and Reddit for potential content ideas.

So, the next time you’re feeling stuck, it’s important to remember there are plenty of great places to find inspiration. By keeping your eyes open and exploring all the options, you’ll surely find some great ideas for your next piece of content.

Don’t fear experimenting with new ideas and trying new things either. The most important thing is to keep producing quality consistent content that your audience will love.

If you’ve exhausted all of these avenues and you’re still struggling to come up with ideas, book a Content Brainstorming Session and we’ll do it together. 💖

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