If you’re new to marketing your business online, chances are you have some questions about how my services work. On this page, I try to answer some these questions and more on topics such as social media, WordPress, SEO and others.

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Will there be a setup fee for any Social Media Management package?

None of my packages have a setup fee so you can rest assured the monthly cost of the package is the only cost you’ll have (unless you require additional services).


Why is there a minimum term of three months for Social Media Management?

It takes time for any social media account to see the results of a well-thought out strategy and consistent posting. I have a three month minimum term in place as it can take at least this long to see the benefits, usually longer, and I want you to receive the best ROI!

Do I have to sign a Contract for Social Media Management?

I don’t have a Contract as such but I do put an Agreement in place with all long-term clients (30 days or more). The Agreement helps to spell out exactly what work is to be completed, payment terms, liabilities, what to do if the relationship needs to be terminated early and other important information.