A Brief Guide to Using Trello // Charmed Digital


  • Each column on this board is a list (See B).
  • Each topic (white rectangle) in the list is a card (See C).
  • A collection of lists and cards make up this Trello board (See A).
  • We won’t worry about the menu in this guide as you won’t need to use it (See D).


  • To add comments to a specific card, open that card and add your comment where it says Write a comment at the bottom.
  • To bring something to my attention, type @charmeddigital before your comment and I will get an immediate notification.


  • To upload a file, simply click the paper-clip icon in the lower right corner of any comment or the Attachment tab in the right-hand column to attach any file from your computer or device, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or an external link.


  • You can view your notifications and updates by clicking the little bell icon in the upper right corner of the project board.
  • You will also receive these notifications via email so you don’t miss anything.
  • If you download the Trello app, you can receive notifications this way as well.


Most cards on the project board will have a label assigned to them as per below:

  • In Progress (Green) – The tasks assigned to me on this card are currently in progress.
  • To Do (Yellow) – The tasks assigned to me on this card have not yet started.
  • Pending (Orange) – There is further information required by you before the task assigned to me on this card can progress.
  • Completed (Red) – The tasks assigned to this card are completed and will be automatically moved to the Completed list.

Other Members

You can invite anyone you choose to use this Trello board.

1. Click the Invite button in the top menu;
2. Add their email address;
3. Click the Send Invitation button.

Still need help using Trello? Try one or more of these…
  • Check the Official Trello Guide;
  • Leave your questions in the comments on any card;
  • Email me or give me a call on 0480 276 046 between Mon-Fri, 9am-5:30pm.